Over 15 years in the industry, we have released more than 30 projects for multiple platforms

From social media to all available app stores (App Store, Play Market, etc.). We have also published several projects on Amazon. But we don’t stop there.

Every day, we generate hundreds of ideas and solutions for a range of new projects.

Smart Project is a Ukrainian product company specializing in full-cycle game development

Streamlined code

The client-side of all our apps is built on Unity technologies, while our developers utilize our custom Unity framework

Еop-quality graphics

Our portfolio includes both 2D and 3D games, where the mastery of artists, artificial intelligence, and passion for what we do are seamlessly combined. Ensuring high-quality graphics is our priority

Full development cycle

Smart Project is an independent business with a full development cycle from creation to promotion on all platforms. This means that we are very responsible when it comes to creating our products.

Open vacancies

When we welcome new talents to our team, we truly hope that they share common values


We always encourage decision-making initiatives and seek partners rather than mere executors. Candidates who can work both independently and collaboratively are especially welcomed.

Dedication and Creativity

We appreciate visionary innovators and true enthusiasts of their work


We always choose the best, ensuring our path to success


We openly share our experience and expertise

Love for GameDev

We genuinely enjoy not only the creation process, but also the game itself. We want everyone who joins us in the future to feel the same way

Support for Ukraine

Smart Project, a Ukrainian GameDev company, has been developing its unique products for 15 years, earning recognition in the global gaming market. Supporting Ukraine and its people is at the core of our values today. We do our best to bring peace to Ukraine as quickly as possible. Our steadfast position is to support our country and its people, and condemn the war.

Repairs and fuel for military vehicles (vehicle repairs for the A7406 military unit, equipment for armored personnel carriers (APC), etc.)

Special equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (binoculars, thermal imagers, drones, body armors, etc.)

Household equipment and essentials for the living and education of internally displaced persons’ families (home appliances, personal electronics, house repairs, etc.)

Computer equipment and special military devices (laptops for artillerymen, aerial reconnaissance tablets, etc.)

Donated over 3 million UAH

Success story

July, 22
Daily Scanword
July, 7
Greeting Cards
The project has reached 5,000,000 daily active users
September, 30
Find the difference
December, 25
Party Room: chat, make friends
April, 26
«Solitaire Klondike card games» project has launched with new PvP mechanics
May, 24
5 differences online
May, 31
Mahjong Treasures Online
November, 21
Detective Dog: 5 differences for App Store
April, 16
Circus Cat: Spot Hidden Objects for App Store. This game marks our debut with 3D graphics
February, 25
Islands Cruise for App Store
April, 14
Farkle Online for App Store

Our mission

We strive to provide experiences that immerse gamers into the fantasy worlds. We want to turn the games with top-quality graphics into a source of development and communication for the global gaming community, creating a perfect place for players of various ages and backgrounds, due to its simplicity and accessibility.

Anton Zaluskyi, CEO Smart Project